About Me

I’m Michelle. Two and a half years ago I did a crazy thing, and began pioneering a new and rarely used treatment. I use an insulin pump to deliver cortisol, a hormone that sustains my life after losing my adrenal glands to malignant pheochromocytoma. At the time my doctors were unwilling to help me, so I had to step into the unknown with God’s guidance and the help of a few other brave pumpers.

The change has been incredible. No it doesn’t cure cancer, but it’s given me my fight back and I’m living a full life in spite of cancer and the damage it’s caused.

Since then, it’s become my mission to help others fight. To inform and empower patients like me. There ARE better days ahead and we will change the world one small step at a time. This is not just for ourselves, the people walking this path behind us will look at our lives and know– there is hope.

Read my story here- From Cancer to Adrenal Insufficiency: A Story of Bravery (Thanks to Angela at The Inspiration Edit)

Articles published on The Mighty:

When Doctors Get Excited About How Rare I am

How I Choose to Live the ‘Rare Life’

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