Negativity Ends With You

Negativity is like a disease. It’s highly contagious. It wants to spread and grow. It will steal your joy then find a new host to infect. You have the power to stop this epidemic! The negativity can end with you! You are in control!

Lately, when negativity creeps into my life, I take pleasure in squashing it. How do I do that? It’s easier than you think. When you experience life’s minor upsets and inconveniences, resist the urge to complain about them. Do not repeat that negative experience. Protect your happiness and don’t allow negative experiences to take up space in your head or anyone else’s.


I honestly did not realize this, and maybe you didn’t either—you do not have to tell anyone about every little thing that happens to you. The driver that cut you off in traffic, the inconsiderate shopper that blocked the grocery aisle, the cashier or receptionist that had a bad attitude—no one needs to hear about these things. It only spreads negativity like an uncovered sneeze. You wouldn’t knowingly give your friends and family a cold, so don’t infect them with negativity either.

This doesn’t mean hide the things that hurt you. Human beings need emotional support for life’s disappointments. If something big has got you discouraged or worried, we are made to help each other. Did those minor inconveniences hurt you? Of course not. Don’t let them steal anymore of your time and energy.


The other day I encountered a rude salesperson, and I complained about her. I actually took the time to call the company and make a complaint about her. After I ended the call, I realized how ridiculous I was being. I let this insignificant interaction steal my joy while I wasted my valuable time finding the phone number, going through the automated menus, sitting on hold, then making my complaint. Did it make me feel better? No, it definitely did not. I was only more annoyed by the end of the call. All that time I spent stewing in negativity I could have spent being happy, but instead I wasted it.

So how does one prevent negativity from taking up mind space? One word—GRATITUDE!

What could I have done differently in that situation? If I had it to do over, first I would have prayed for that salesperson. Then I would have been grateful for the nice sunny weather, my daughter (who I was with at the time). I would have been grateful for my health and the ability to drive (we were on our way to an appointment). Then I would have put on some music and been grateful for some jam time with my kiddo. That would have made me feel much better than complaining.

Maybe you’re reading this and you think it’s a bunch of crap, more “positive thinking” mumbo jumbo. No, what you need to realize is that YOU ARE POWERFUL. You are in control of how you react to a situation, and you always have the option to choose joy. Let the negativity end with you and help create a happier world.

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