Love Each Other

As humans, we often have difficulty loving each other. We each have our own capability and capacity to love. For most of us, we can only give love to the extent in which we’ve been given. Jesus calls us not to love each other as humans love, with limited capacity, but in the same way he loves us– infinitely.

Woah hold on– we human beings are supposed to love the same way as the Son of God, who is God Himself? Is that even possible? For a mere mortal, no. For an everlasting soul, yes. To do this we must begin letting go of our worldly lives. I say “begin to” because no one can do this with one simple decision. It is a process of giving and receiving. Giving—laying down your mortal, worldly life for God. As we rid ourselves of the worldly clutter piece by piece, we receive more and more of the love He has already lavished on us. God never changes. He’s always been there offering overwhelming, unfathomable love to you, but we are limited by our own willingness to receive it.

The more love we receive from God the more we are able to give to others. His love transforms us, it grows us. As long as we are willing participants in this dance of giving and receiving, we continue to grow. Love overflows from us and begins to flood into the lives of others. It might start with friends and family. Soon the flood runs into the lives of complete strangers, then it washes away our enemies, leaving friendship in its wake.

It doesn’t stop with people; we begin seeing love and beauty more and more in our world. We are transformed into conduits of divine love. The love of heaven flows through us to reach a broken and hurting world. The transformation continues as long as you are actively giving and receiving, until the day we give up our last worldly possession—our bodies. If we’ve followed Jesus’s example, we’ve spent a lifetime preparing for what comes next.

I suspect somewhere deep down in our souls, we already know exactly what happens. The vessel containing us on earth is no more. No more to give and everything to receive. Our everlasting soul reunited with God who is LOVE. With no remaining barriers, we are immersed, consumed by God– divine love.

In Memory of Rebecca Castile. ❤️

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