Cortisol Pumping with OmniPod

Any insulin pump is suitable for cortisol pumping. OmniPod is a tubeless pump. The pumping mechanism, medication, and cannula are in one “pod” that is adhered directly to the skin. With tubed pumps, your pump and medication are in the device that is attached to your infusion set via tubing.

What is adrenal insufficiency/Addison’s disease?

In the video below, Kimball demonstrates how she fills and activates an OmniPod for cortisol pumping. Click here to follow Kimball on instagram.

UPDATE: Please check out a comprehensive and research based guide to cortisol pumping!


3 thoughts on “Cortisol Pumping with OmniPod

  1. Very helpful, if I ever decide to switch to OmniPod. I was just thinking about it recently, as my special Italian pump (from the pulsatile cortisol protocol) is pretty bulky. Thanks for posting!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Elaine L.



  2. Very cool! Didnt think you could use the omnipod with cortisol. I use Omnipod for my diabetes and take cortisone for my Addisons.


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