The Results Are In: An Update

“You have new lab results,” The message says. Finally. There they are. I hesitate to open them. These are the numbers I’ve been waiting for. A tinge of fear. God help me. I don’t even know what numbers I want to see at this point. High or low, I don’t even know anymore. Just answers. I want assurance. I want peace of mind, but I already know these results won’t provide that.

Well. I had a nice break from pheo, but once again, less than a year later, I find that it is not done with me. It’s hard not to be discouraged. Will this fight ever be over?

And so it begins…the familiar routine with the same meds. It conjures this deja vu of horror. The pain and fear resurface. Here we go again.

I know that I can do this. I know what to expect, which is both a blessing and a curse.

I still need an MRI done locally. Then I’ll head back to NIH for more testing and they will give me their take in the situation.

I will say that I am blessed to finally have quality medical care. I’m blessed that we can keep catching these tumors quickly. I suppose I’m glad my suspicions were confirmed, rather then being left to wonder and worry.

One thought on “The Results Are In: An Update

  1. Always praying for you, remember God has a plan so keep your faith and sit back and ride the waves don’t worry about the storm because your in the boat at with God and he’s got this


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