MIBG & Iodine Allergy

This is an explanation of the scan I’m going for today. From an MIBG pro ❤

Pheo vs Fabulous

You can kind of call me a pro scanner by now, I’ve only done like a thousand. (Okay, maybe not 1000, but A LOT)

My insides like taking pictures just as much as my outside.

It’s that time again, MIBG time! An MIBG is specifically designed to visualize certain types of neuroendocrine tumors like mine, pheochromocytoma being the focus of my discussion as this is the cancer I have.

As many of you know – MIBG is also used as a therapeutic agent as well, I just had my radioactive treatment in January, and this scan is just another segment of my follow up protocol before we dive into the next steps of my treatment.

For those of you who are about to have an MIBG scan and are wondering what it’s all about, I figured I would give you the deets! I even make it more fun and complicates…

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2 thoughts on “MIBG & Iodine Allergy

    • lol This is actually my bestie Miranda, who also has Pheochromocytomas and happened to be doing her MIBG scan today also. She is much more photogenic than I am lol 😉

      I am LOVING my pump! I have a lot to learn, but I do love a challenge! My rates still need adjusting, night time rates are a real puzzle. I havd had a few mishaps with site changes lol. I don’t really love that part, but I am able to do more with the pump than I could with pills as long as I manage my pump correctly and don’t over exert myself.


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