Update: The Endo Appointment

I’ve become rather hermit-like in the last two weeks, and took and unintended facebook break. I’m okay, not dying or angry at anyone, just exhausted. I’ve been feeling okay otherwise. 😉

I had my long awaited endocrinologist appointment. Four months of anxiety and preparation down to one day. I was nervous since I’ve never met this doctor. What if he disagrees with how I manage my conditions? What if he’s rude and egotistical? Fortunately, that wasn’t the case and it turned out to be a pleasant trip. The drive was long, but the weather was perfect.

The doctor was polite and withheld his opinions. He seems pretty old school, which is not really to my advantage with a rare condition. Surprisingly though, he is supportive of the cortisol pump. He is insisting I contact their diabetes clinic for pump training first. I’m currently working to get that scheduled, and very excited at the prospect of improved quality of life soon. ☺

My imaging and lab results also came back. The ultrasound of my neck did not reveal anything abnormal, but the CT scan did confirm a nodule in my right lung. The lab work doesn’t provide much insight, other than my cancer markers are elevated. I’m being referred to another specialist to look into the issue further.


2 thoughts on “Update: The Endo Appointment

  1. This is so so amazing and I’m so happy to hear your Endo is positive! Amazing! Good luck with it all and I’ll be following your journey! 🙂


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