A Quick Update

I’ve had a lot going on lately I’ve been refraining from sharing until I got my lab results back and knew more. Well, the results are in, and they are not what I wanted to see. I don’t know why I’m shocked. I expected them to be this way.  Allow me to elucidate.

I’m nearly recovered from my respiratory illness over the holidays. I’m breathing much better and getting back into my typical routine. I had some previous lab work that was a bit concerning, seems my cancer marker (calcitonin) is significantly elevated. “Elevated” is not necessarily alarming as long as it isn’t increasing. However, my most recent results show that it is in fact, increasing. I’ll be going back to the cancer center where I am already an established patient for further evaluation.

While in the hospital over the holidays, I had multiple x-rays of my lungs. These x-rays imaged a small mass. Its difficult to say what it is from an x-ray alone. However, the location is near my previous recurrent pheochromocytoma. I have been experiencing very mild episodes that are reminiscent of the tumor’s previous reoccurrence. My lab work does indicate some abnormal levels of metanephrines, though not high enough to conclusively diagnose a pheo without further testing and imaging. I’ll be requesting more testing on both issues ASAP, and I am still patiently waiting for my endocrinologist appointment in February.


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